Testimonials for DNA Repatterining

Natasha Testimonial

Natasha Anscombe.  M. D. of Formula Purchasing & Star Reach. 

“I cannot begin to express the love and gratitude that I have for Dee Banton, she has truly changed my life. I initially went to see Dee with a number of complex issues, including a Near Death Experience and with Dee’s help have managed to turn my life around. I have more self confidence, more self esteem and for once feel happy in my “own skin”. If you can do one thing and one thing only, go and see Dee for DNA Repatterning, I promise you, you will not regret it.”

Francis LeitaoFrancis Leitao  IT Projects Manager at Dynamatic Technologies Ltd

“A friend of mine had severe problems with her health. The doctors could not diagnose her illness – in fact they even accused her of faking her symptoms. I took her to see Dee as a last resort as she was desperate. Within minutes Dee had diagnosed her illness and prescribed her treatment. Within 2 weeks, my friend was back at work!  I had a problem with my health recently and had no hesitation in seeing Dee. She came to my rescue too – prescribing a diet which improved my health.”

Nini H, Wiltshire

“My son was 12 when I referred him to Dee. He was very bright and had a strong character, but he was also moody and was prone to temper tantrums which he had had since a very young age. These were very intense, self-destructive, and extremely unpleasant to witness, usually arose out of a sense of stress or failure and were often triggered by what appeared to be trivial events. He used to beat himself with negative affirmations whenever he made mistakes. He was not receptive to any form of positive reassurance.  Since he was 9 we tried different healing modalities, hypnosis and tapping. Nothing changed

We found Dee in September 2013. We had 3 consecutive weekly sessions and we started to see a difference straightaway. He still had some tantrums, which usually occurred straight after the sessions, as if he were releasing old blockages.  We then had fortnightly sessions. Dee worked on past-life regression with the DNA Repattering, and healed past suffering. A significant change soon became apparent. He became much happier and more relaxed. There were no more tantrums. He became helpful, communicative and positive.

My son is now a totally different boy to a year ago, he is doing well at school and every other area of his life. We are so grateful to Dee for helping our son become a happy and balanced individual who now has a bright future ahead of him.”