Our Approach


The Labyrinth: representing the many cycles and patterns, the complexity of life. When we reach the centre we can see the cause and the subconscious begins the process of healing. Our approach to changing out moded lifestyle patterns, supports you in creating a positive rewarding new view to life, with opportunities & abundance.

In our sessions together I will support you through the changes that you are making.  This technique has been developed and refined over 20 years.  You will find that I come highly recommended.

♥ Your consultation will enable me to understand your healing requirements. For the first visit the consultation and session is about 4 – 4.5  hours.  As we ARE going to Repattern your life! The price of the complete session is £135.00

♥ To listen to you, and help you to change with new thought patterns and affirmations.

♥ The session will be combined with Life Path Kinesiology a technique, which enables me to trace the cause of any situation or health condition. The difference here is, that i use the kinesiology on myself whilst in tune with your system.  I will use the 5 Element Method as used in Acupuncture which aids in releasing the blockages from the meridians.

♥ The Root Cause or any condition is usually in the past.  We go back in time to that point, which is often in a past life to      release the emotional feeling or mental thought pattern.

♥ This is quite a quick process, sometimes people are aware of a past life; others just have a feeling of deep relaxation.

♥ By holding certain points along the meridians and acupressure points, blockages can be released.

♥ Your body does all the work, you just have to lay there and relax while your body talks to me, we by pass the mind and the emotions which gives me a clear pathway to help you come into balance.

♥ Most Important now is the Repatterning! Based on our session together, I will give you new affirmations! We will lock these into you body and your system.  This will tell your body “Not to act in those old ways.” It is able to by pass the mind and emotions.

♥ FEELING LIKE NEW! Go home and rest or have time for yourself to integrate and assimilate the new energy and information you have received.  This healing will filter through into your life over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

♥ If you need anything confirmed as you are processing your healing, you could email or telephone me.

♥ I recommend two follow up sessions of 2 – 2.5 hrs.  Or Skype sessions if you live further away.