DNA Repatterning

DNA Repatterning

So what is DNA Repatterning It is! Literally what is says!

Scientists talk about our DNA, and how we are born with the DNA of our parents! Science tells us a lot, and actually they DO BACK UP the Alternative Therapy World!  But for some reason most of us choose to ignore that fact.

The above statement shows us that, we have the same patterning as our parents, so we are like our parents. It’s in our DNA Structure! As we grow up we copy out parents and learn their behaviors and mannerisms, in short.

Everything Changes It’s easy just to live your life this way, because you do not need to make any changes! But there is one thing we forgot to take into account? And that is? That every thing changes, and everything is constantly changing! There are certain times in your life when the Universe will literally push you to make those changes! When it is time to change there is nothing that you can do about it. EXCEPT RESIST!

Let go of Resistance Resisting change makes it very uncomfortable in our life, and that’s when we need some Professional Help! DNA Repatterning, literally gets to the core of the situation, it goes to the root cause of the problem and releases, the emotional behavior patterns and mindsets. THESE ARE NOT YOURS? ARE THEY! So why do you want to keep them? We have to learn a whole new way, it feels comfortable and safe to copy, but it can drag you down, create feelings of  low self esteem, when you could be  creating  with joy!